NZMI imaging.
Creating answers,
not questions.
By pairing quality imaging equipment with leading Nuclear Medicine specialists, NZMI imaging provides you with quality scans and interpretations
Scans should provide answers - not create more questions
At NZMI imaging our team of interpreters are all experts in their fields, so you get reliable results you can start working with straight away.
Scintigraphy, or Nuclear Medicine, uses mild radioactive tracers to assess the function of organs at a molecular level, so you can see things that standard scanning like CT or MRIs cannot. This makes it ideal for a number of applications including cardiac, musculoskeletal, renal, thyroid, hepatobiliary, oncology and more. Radiation doses are comparable to x-ray examinations, there are no reactions to the tracers and the tests are therefore exceptionally safe and well tolerated.
You can be assured when you’ve used NZMI imaging, you will have received the highest quality of care from New Zealand's most advanced private scintigraphy specialists.