Colon Scanning
Colonic Transit Scan
A Scintigraphy Colonic Transit scan is a simple and easy way to follow the transit of food along the small intestine and colon (large intestine).
What to expect
For a Colonic Transit study you may eat as normal. It is recommended that you are off any laxatives for this study.
For this procedure you are required to drink a glass of water containing a very small amount of the radioactive isotope Ga67 Gallium Citrate. This does not affect the taste or colour of the water.
Scan images are acquired at various intervals throughout the day and a single 5-min image is acquired at a set time for the next 4 days. This allows for the recording of the isotope's transit along the length of the colon.
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Colonic Transit Scan
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The preparation and procedure for a
Colonic Transit Scan.