Thyroid Imaging
Thyroid Imaging
A thyroid scintigraphy scan is a simple and easy way to see the size and function of the thyroid gland.
They are used to:
  • Evaluate thyroid lumps known as nodules.
  • Evaluate hyperthyroidism (production of more thyroid hormone than is needed).
  • Quantify thyroid function (by calculating the quantity of tracer uptake by the thyroid).
  • Manage thyroid cancer.
What to expect
Normally there is no preparation for this scan, you will be able to eat and drink, drive and proceed as normal before and after this scan. If however, you are on the thyroid medicine Thyroxine you will be required to stop taking this 4-6 weeks before your scan.  You should discuss this with your doctor.
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Thyroid Scan
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The preparation and procedure for a Thyroid Scan.