Kidney Scanning
Renal Scan (DMSA)
Uptake in functional renal parenchyma.
A renal scan is used to:
  • Assess the relative function of each kidney.
  • Check for renal scarring.
  • Evaluate congenital abnormalities.
A renal scan is particularly relevant for children with recurrent urinary tract infection or reflux as it is very useful for identifying sites of renal cortical scarring or defects related to pyelonephritis.
Document Downloads
DMSA Renal Scan
(PDF, 730 KB)
Why a renal scan? The scan procedure and results.
Renogram (DTPA or MAG3)
Provides information relating to renal vascularity, renal function and excretion.
Used in cases of:
  • Renal obstruction.
  • Assessment of transplants.
  • To differentiate a dilated from an obstructed renal collecting system.
  • Diagnosis of renal artery stenosis.
Document Downloads
DTPA Renogram
(PDF, 106 KB)
Why a Renogram? The preparation, procedure and results.