Bone - SPECT and Planar

Bone scanning is a well established technique, and is one of the most reliable, sensitive and valuable procedures in scintigraphy. These scans can detect abnormalities weeks to months before routine skeletal x-rays. Single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) is an imaging modality that combines conventional scintigraphic and computed tomographic (CT) methods.



Sports Injuries - Stress fracture/shin splints

Evaluation of Bone Pain

Detection, evaluation and staging of skeletal metastases and/or primary bone disease

Early diagnosis of osteomyelitis (osteomyelitis v cellulitis)

Localisation and follow up of Paget's disease

Evaluation of hip and knee prostheses

Detection of AVN

Confirmation and evaluation of non-accidental injury in children

Bones in hands and feet (scaphoid)