Hepatobiliary (IDA Scan)

Demonstrates hepatic perfusion, hepatocyte clearance, hepatic parenchymal transit, biliary excretion and gall bladder function.



Diagnosis of acute cholecystitis

Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction

Evaluation of extrahepatic biliary tract obstruction

Detection of bile leaks

Evaluation of post-surgical biliary tract

Diagnosis of biliary atresia and other congenital anomalies of the biliary tract

Evaluation of liver transplants

Unexplained pain. RUQ or epigastric

Hepatic Haemangioma

A radiolabelled red blood cell study depicts the amount of perfusion and vascular space within hepatic lesions. Haemangioma are distinguished by their relatively decreased perfusion and increased vascular volume compared to hepatic parenchyma.

Liver/Spleen Colloid Study

Demonstration of phagocyte system.



Assessment of chronic liver disease

Assessment of liver or spleen size and configuration

Diagnosis of focal nodular hyperplasia